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news and meetings



May 2006. The first horseshoe crabs have arrived from Vietnam. From the left: Matthias Obst, Carcinoscorpius rotundicauda, Tobias Wang, Peter Funch.



safety course

August 2006. The horseshoe crab research group at the Sea survival training course in Esbjerg. From the left: Tobias Wang, Kasper K. Nielsen, Sören Faurby, Matthias Obst, Melissa Winter, Thomas Nielsen, and Peter Funch.




October 2006. New horseshoe crabs have arrived !!! Peter Funch is making friends with chinese horseshoe crabs. Here he holds a huge specimen Tachypleus tridentatus which has been collected by two of our students (Grete and Tenna) in China together with blood samples and photos of many more individuals.





November-December 2006. The horseshoe crab research group is going to Thailand to establish scientific contacts and prepare experiments for the future. You find more photos and a closer description of the trip in the reseach gallery.



March-April 2007. Peter, Kasper and Matthias have arrived in the Whitney laboratory on the East coast of Florida. From here they collected horseshoe crabs on both sides of the Florida peninsula. Kasper was busy all day and night in order to get all animals measured that Peter and Matthias collected from the muddy banks along the Mexican gulf coast and from the Atlantik.


April 2007 - Horseshoe Crab Team in Boston

April 2007. Finally the Horseshoe crab research squad has boarded the HDMS Vædderen. All others on the expedition have been enjoying the warm weather of the Virgin Islands. Now they have come to Boston on the Galathea Expedion to meet us and a freezing cold weather. Even though the weather is cold, the research is carried out in an warm an welcoming atmosphere. The fact that there is an alcohol ban on the ship turns out to be no problem at all because there is a soft-ice machine providing free ice-cream for all of us. (From left – to right: Peter Funch, Matthias Obst, Søren Faurby, Thomas Nielsen, Kasper Kollerup and Melissa Wetter).












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