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Books on horseshoe crabs


Extraordinary Horseshoe Crabs

by Julie Dunlap, 1999, Hardcover, 48 pages, Publisher: Carolrhoda Books, Language: English, ISBN: 1575052938

Description. This book describes the physical characteristics, habits, life cycle, and conservation of horseshoe crabs.


Biology of Horseshoe Crabs
Koichi Sekiguchi, 1988, Hardcover, Language: English, ISBN: 4915572250

Description. Probably the best general book on horseshoe crabs.


The American Horseshoe Crab

by Carl N Shuster, Jr, Rpbert B. Barlow and H. Jane Brockmann, 2004, Hardcover, 472 pages, Publisher: Harvard University Press, Language: English, ISBN: 0674011597

Description. A cornerstone publication on horseshoe crabs. It covers basic biology, physiology and ecology of this interesting species.

The Secret in the Blue Blood

by Tom Mikkelsen, 1988, Hardcover, 140 pages, Publisher: Science Press, Language: English, ISBN: 7030002229

Description. A impressive book about the evolution, biology, ecology and distribution as well as a in depth description of the use of the blue blood of the horseshoe crab in detecting bacteria.


The Crab from yesterday. The life-cycle of a horseshoe crab

by John F. Waters, Illustrated by W. T. Mars 1970,

Description. An easy to read children's book about Horse shoe crabs.


Living Fossils

by Eldredge N and Stanley SM, 2001, Springer Verlag, New York.





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