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Tobias Wang - CV


Personal Data

Born May 22, 1967 in Aarhus (Denmark). Married with one child.


Academic Degrees

1991         Masters of Science in Biology (Aarhus University).

1993         Ph.D. in Biological Sciences (Aarhus University).


Post doctoral Experience

1993        University of Nevada, Las Vegas (USA).

1994-95       University of California, Irvine (USA).

1995-96       University of British Columbia, Vancouver (Canada).


1997         Assistant Research Professor at University of Odense (Denmark).

1998-00   Lecturer at The University of Birmingham (England).

2000-04   Associate Professor, University of Aarhus (Denmark).

2005         Full Professor, University of Aarhus (Denmark).



Presidents medal from The Society of Experimental Biology (1999).

Rømer stipend from the Danish Research Council (2000).

Honorary Professor at School of Biological Sciences, The University of Birmingham (2004).


Professional Service

Ad hoc reviewer for more than 25 international journals as well as The Norwegian Research Council, National Geographic Society's Committee for Research and Exploration, The Swedish Research Council and National Science Foundation (more than 50 assignments per year).

Editorial board of Physiological and Biochemical Zoology (2001 - )

Editorial board of Advances of Experimental Biology (2004 - )

Editorial board of The Journal of Experimental Biology (2006 -).

Series adv. board for Ecological and Environmental Physiology Series, Oxford Univ. Press.

Convenor of Respiration Group in The Society for Experimental Biology (2003 - 2006).

Has organised or co-organised more than 20 symposia at international conferences and one international conference.

External examiner on PhD theses from Australia, Brazil, Finland, England and Norway.

External member of PhD thesis committee in USA and Canada. External examiner for MSc and BSc courses at Odense and Roskilde Universities.

Various Departmental Seminars and lectures in Brazil, USA,Canada, Denmark, Sweden, England, Ireland, Germany, Italy and Hong Kong.


Membership of Societies

Society of Experimental Biology, American Physiological Society, The Scandinavian Society of Physiology and The Physiological Society.

Masters Students (2001-)

Poul Gurholt Pedersen (2003); Morten Zaar (2003); Sine Arvedsen (2004); Marianne Skals (2006); Mette Hagensen (2006); Rasmus Pedersen (2006 ); Torbjørn Søndergaard (2006); Bjarke Jensen (2005- ); Karina Kristensen (2006-); Mette Olesen (2006 -); Melissa Vetter (2006 - ); Henrik Lund (2006 - ); Kristine Østergaard (2006- ).

PhD Students (2001-)

Gamal Badawy (2002); Johannes Overgaard (2003); Johnnie B. Andersen (2003); Gina Galli (2006); Nini Jensen (2004 -).



Annual guest lectures at University of Birmingham and University of Oslo.

Introduction to Biology (2 lectures).

Human Physiology for molecular biologists (36 lectures). Course leader.

Human Physiology for kinesiologists (21 lectures, 40h theoretical exercises). Course leader.

Comparative Physiology (5 lectures, 24h theoretical exercises and 60h practical exercises).

Scientific writing (Cantho University, Vietnam). Several week courses. Course  leader.

Various PhD courses at Aarhus University and elsewhere.


Recent Research and Teaching Grants

Rømer stipend from the Danish Research Council (2000-2004). 4.200.000 Dkr for studies on metabolism in reptiles.

Elisabeth og Knud Petersens Fond (2001). 72.000 Dkr for Development of non-invasive techniques for measurements of heart rate and activity in fish.

American Physiological Society Latin American Initiative Programme (2002). US$ 5.000 for the PhD course ”Biology of the Heart” at UNESP, Rio Claro, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

NOVO Nordisk Fondet (2003). 90.000 Dkr for studies on cardiac adaptations to increased metabolic rate in reptiles.

Velux Fonden (2003). 180.000 Dkr for three PhD courses in comparative animal physiology and toxicology.

Danish Research Council (2005-2007). 750.000 Dkr for studies on “The vertebrate cardiovascular system under stress: Structure, function and evolution”.

Popular science

Popular outreach of science

Various popular science lectures at The Nordic Society of Herpetology (Copenhagen), Linneaus (Odense), Birmingham Natural History Society, Forskningens døgn (2005), Bestil et foredrag (2005, 2006) and Ungdommens Naturforening (Aarhus and Aalborg). Participation in Galathea III.






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