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Peter Funch - Publications 2001-2006



Papers in peer reviewed journals (11 papers prior to 2001)

(12) Funch, P. & M. V. Sørensen (2001). Rotifers in saline waters from Disko Island, West Greenland. Hydrobiologia 446/447: 273-282.

(13) Kristensen R.M., P. Funch (2001) Phylum Cycliophora. In: C.M. Young, M.A. Sewell & M. Rice (eds.) Atlas of Marine Invertebrate Larvae, Chapter 11: pp. 231-240.

(14) Berg, P., S. Rysgaard, P. Funch & MK Sejr (2001) The effects of bioturbation on solutes and solids in marine sediments. Aquatic Microbial Ecology 26: 81-94.

(15) Funch, P. & R.M. Kristensen (2002) Coda: the Micrognathozoa – a new class or phylum of freshwater meiofauna? In: S.D. Rundle, A.L. Robertson and J.M. Schmid-Araya (eds.) Freshwater Meiofauna: Biology and Ecology, Chapter 14: pp. 337-348.

(16) Obst, M. & P. Funch (2003) The dwarf male of Symbion pandora (Cycliophora). Journal of Morphology 255: 261-278.

(17) Sørensen, M. V., P. Funch, M. Hooge & S. Tyler (2003) Musculature of Notholca acuminata (Rotifera: Ploima: Brachionidae) revealed by confocal scanning laser microscopy. Invertebrate Biology 122: 223-230.

(18) Sørensen, M. V., S. Tyler, M. Hooge & P. Funch (2003) Organization of the pharyngeal hard parts and musculature in Gnathostomula armata (Gnathostomulida: Gnathostomulidae). Canadian Journal of Zoology 81: 1463-1470.

(19) Giribet, G., M.V. Sørensen, P. Funch, R.M. Kristensen & W. Sterrer (2004) Investigations into the phylogenetic position of Micrognathozoa using four molecular loci. Cladistics 20: 1-13.

(20) Riisgård, H.U., K.K. Nielsen, J. Fuchs, B.F. Rasmussen, M. Obst & P. Funch (2004) Ciliary feeding structures and particle capture mechanism in the freshwater bryozoan Plumatella repens (Phylactolaemata). Invertebrate Biology 123: 156-167.

(21) Sørensen, M.V., H. Segers & P. Funch (2005) On a new Seison Grube, 1861 from coastal waters of Kenya, with a reappraisal of the classification of the Seisonidea (Rotifera).  Zoological Studies 44: 34-43.

(22) Funch, P., M. V. Sørensen & M. Obst (2005) On the phylogenetic position of Rotifera – have we come any further? Hydrobiologia 546: 11-28.

(23) Obst, M., P. Funch & G. Giribet (2005) Hidden diversity and host specificity in cycliophorans; a phylogeographic analysis along the North Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. Molecular Ecology 14: 4427-4440.

(24) Obst, M. & P. Funch (2005) The microhabitat of Symbion pandora (Cycliophora) on the mouthparts of its host Nephrops norvegicus (Decapoda: Nephropidae). Marine Biology 148: 945-951.

(25) Obst, M., P. Funch & R.M. Kristensen (2006) A new species of Cycliophora from the mouthparts of the American lobster Homarus americanus (Nephropidae, Decapoda). Organisms, Diversity & Evolution 6: 83-97.

(26) Fuchs, J., M. Bright, P. Funch & A. Wanninger (2006) Immunocytochemistry of the Neuro-Muscular Systems of Loxosomella vivipara and L. parguerensis (Entoprocta: Loxosomatidae). Journal of Morphology 267: 866-883.


Refereed conference proceedings

(2) Funch, P. (2003) Phylum Cycliophora – Bizarre Organisms on Lobster’s Mouth. Cladistics, 19: 152.


Popular science promotion

(1) Funch, P. (2005) Sære, små livsformer bringer bud fra en fjern fortid. Lectures, Folkeunivesitetet i Århus.





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