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Peter Funch - CV


Born 10 November 1965, Copenhagen, Denmark

Married with architect Dorthe Due Theilade. Children: Sander Theilade Funch (1997), Ditte Theilade Funch (2001) and Marie Theilade Funch (2001).

Private address: Brinken 2, 8260 Viby J. E-mail:


Current position

Associate Professor, Ecology & Genetics, University of Aarhus, Ny Munkegade B1540, DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark, Phone: + 45 8942 2764, fax: + 45 8942 2722


Academic degrees

1992: Cand. Scient (M.Sc.), in Zoology, Univ. Copenhagen

1996: Ph.d. in Zoology, Univ. Copenhagen. (Thesis: “Morphology and Life Cycle of Cycliophora”)



1996: Research assistant, Zoological Museum, Univ. Copenhagen

1996-97: Scientific Director, Arctic Station, Greenland

1998-2000: Assistant Prof., Univ. Aarhus

2000- Permanent employment as Assoc. Prof. (Lektor)


Administration and council work

2001- Member of the Danish National Node (DanBIF) of the Global Biodiversity Info. Facility (GBIF). 2001- Chairman/Member of Library Committee, Univ. Aarhus. 2000-2004 Member of Education Committee, Univ. Aarhus.


Teaching M.Sc. students: 7. Phd students: 3. Currently 1 student. 2 have attained postdoctoral posts after their degree.


Editorial work

2000- Editorial board, Meiofauna Marina

2005- Editorial board, Helgoland Marine Research

Referee for numerous international journals.


Research Interests: Evolutionary zoomorphology; animal phylogeny; phylogeography; molecular phylogenetics; polar biology; meiofauna; co-evolution of life cycles and morphology.


Grants 2001-       

Personal frame grant from Danish Natural Science Research Council for population studies on Cycliophora (grant no. 21-02-0455 and 21-03-0281) (2003-2005). Personal research grant from Knud Højgaards Fond for Galathea 3 project on horseshoe crabs (2006-08). Co-investigator on the " Evolutionary zoomorphology" frame grant from the Danish Natural Science Research Council (Grant no. 51-00-0278) (2001-03); Co-investigator on the “Ecdysozoa” frame grant from the Danish Natural Science Research Council (2004-06) (Grant no. 21-04-0047).


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