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Matthias Obst - Publications 2001-2006



Scientific Publications

·   Obst M and Funch P. (2006) The microhabitat of Symbion pandora (Cycliophora) on the mouthparts of its host Nephrops norvegicus (Decapoda: Nephropidae). Marine Biology 148 (5): 945-951

·   Obst M, Funch P, Kristensen RM (2006) A new species of Cycliophora from the mouthparts of the American lobster Homarus americanus (Nephropidae, Decapoda). Organisms, Diversity & Evolution 6: 83-97

·   Obst M, Funch P, Giribet G (2005) Hidden diversity and host specificity in cycliophorans; a phylogeographic analysis along the North Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. Molecular Ecology, 14 (14) 4427-4440

·   Funch P, Sørensen MV, Obst M. (2005) On the phylogenetic position of Rotifera - have we come any further? Hydrobiologia 546: 11-28

·   Riisgaard HU, Kollerup Nielsen K, Fuchs J, Fønss Rasmussen B, Obst M, Funch P. (2004) Ciliary feeding structures and particle capture mechanism in the freshwater bryozoan Plumatella repens (Phylactolaemata). Invertebrate Biology 123:156-167

·   Obst M (2003) Cycliophoran relationships revisited. Abstracts of the 21st annual meeting of the Willi Hennig Society. Cladistics 19: 159-160

·   Obst M and Funch P. (2003) The male of Symbion pandora (Cycliophora). Journal of Morphology 255: 261-278


Popular Articles


·   Obst M (2004) Rinbærernes diversitet og evolution. Danske Naturhistorisk Forening Årskrift nr. 14 - 2003/2004: 60-63





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