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The expedition 2006-2007   Here you can read about the vision that is the driving force behind Galathea 3, about the ship that will take the expedition on its voyage around the Earth, about the route it will follow and the research to be carried out onboard.

Educational perspectives

Galathea 3 dispels the notion that the world of science is dusty, dull and populated by nerds. With a direct satellite link from the expedition ship to the classrooms, it will be possible to include the research carried out on Galathea 3 actively in classroom teaching, and show the work of scientific researchers live in flesh and blood!

“Many children and young people have a perception of science and research as dull, remote and uncool. There is a need for other images, which can be created by experiences demonstrating that research is founded on curiosity, experimentation and creative solutions. To put it in brief terms: the fascination with what we do not know, but would like to know more about.

Research is not boring and dull. Research actually possesses all the ingredients that children and young people find exciting: riddles, mystery, heroes, colourful events, good stories, opportunities for winning great wealth and fame. It is just a question of communicating this in the right way.

From their earliest days, children and young people must experience science and research as relevant, exciting and great fun. New knowledge must be an integral part of their everyday lives. This requires that we must do away with the image of science as a fusty and dusty world populated by nerds, and instead present new images and offer new role models that together make it “cool" to be a research scientist.”

This is the conclusion presented in the report “Research and tell”, published by a think tank under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

Galathea 3 is to contribute to the image of the life of a researcher as exciting and attractive. With Internet-based educational courses and activities in connection with the expedition, it will be possible to look over the shoulder of research scientists as they perform their work, and all primary school and upper-secondary school students in Denmark, Greenland and the Faeroe Islands have the opportunity for participating in competitions for a stay onboard the expedition.

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Through the Internet, Galatea 3 will have a presence in the classrooms of Danish schools. Photo: Johan Mikkelsen