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The expedition 2006-2007   Here you can read about the vision that is the driving force behind Galathea 3, about the ship that will take the expedition on its voyage around the Earth, about the route it will follow and the research to be carried out onboard.

Focus on scientific research

Relevant research projects of high scientific quality provide the foundations for Galathea 3

First class research will be characterising the third Galathea expedition. Prior to the selection of the participating projects, all projects have been submitted to the independent governmental research councils, which have carried out thorough assessment, and only project proposals that received a positive assessment have made it through the eye of this needle.

The final selection of the projects has been made by the Danish Expedition Foundation and received the approval of the Foundation's Board of Trustees. You may read about the process that has preceded the plan for the voyage in the box on the right.

Research scientists from several Danish and some foreign universities and sector research institutions stand behind the Galathea 3 projects. Most of the projects fall within the category of natural science, but also other research areas of relevance to the places that the expedition is going to visit have found room onboard. And the expedition encompasses both sea and land based research projects.

The themes on which the natural science researchers are going to focus will include biological processes, climatic changes and earthquakes. In addition, a number of classical biological projects will contribute to our actually rather limited insight into marine animal and plant life, and also the very small organisms, such as bacteria, plankton and algae, will be studied. Very modest shares of such organisms are known to science today. Similarly, the research projects within the humanities range very far, but a number of them are concentrated within the area of Galathea 3’s visits to the former Danish colonies in Tranquebar and the West Indies.

You may read more about the research on the Galathea 3 expedition here.

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From preliminary survey to final plan for the voyage

On behalf of the board of the Danish Expedition Foundation, the Danish Research Agency invited proposals and ideas for destinations and projects of the Galathea 3 expedition already in 2004.  Read more here