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POST Greenland

Dato 8.9.2006

EXTRA ISSUE on 9 September 2006: POST Greenland wishes Galathea 3 Expedition a prosperous journey


On 9 September, POST Greenland issued a special stamp featuring Danish research expedition Galathea 3, which called at ports in Greenland in the early days of its world cruise. The expedition vessel "Vædderen" was at anchor in Nuuk on the day of issue. The stamp has a value of DKK 9.75 and was designed by artist Naja Abelsen, while Dorit Olsen created the stamp layout.


To mark the visit of the Galathea 3 Expedition to Greenland and the issue of the Galathea stamp on 9th September 2006, POST Greenland produced a limited edition of 1,000 expedition postcards, which were transported on the expedition ship from Narsarsuaq in Southern Greenland and up along the coast to Nuuk. This beautiful postcard comes in A5 format, designed by Naja Abelsen and bears two stamps, also designed by her.


In Narsarsuaq, the centre of Greenlandic sheep farming, the expedition card was franked with the commemorative stamp G372 “Sheep Farming over 100 Years” and cancelled with the 3923 Narsarsuaq day cancellation. On board the “Vædderen”, the cards were cancelled en route with a special expedition cancellation. In Nuuk, the expedition cards were then be franked with the new Galathea stamp G373, on its day of issue, Saturday 9th September, and cancelled with the 3900 Nuuk day cancellation.


Stamps and the card can be ordered from POST Greenland at

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