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Appointment of Expedition leaders

Twelve leaders have been appointed by the Danish Expedition Foundation to head the various stages of Galathea 3. These people will direct day to day work on board ship in conjunction with the Navy’s Commanders Carsten Schmidt (from Copenhagen to Sydney) and Lars Hansen (Sydney to Copenhagen).

Dato 24.3.2006

Co-ordination of research and realization is the primary job of the leader.  During the coming months, he or she will work with the research teams to plan the various stages in detail.  The leaders are:

Copenhagen - Azores                            

Minik Rosing, Professor at theGeological Museum

Azores – Accra                                    

Chairman Søren Haslund-Christensen, Danish Expedition Foundation, and Leo Bjørnskov, consultant and former department head

Accra – Cape Town                                

Michael Kühl, Professor at Copenhagen University

Cape Town – Perth                                  

Torkel Gissel Nielsen, Professor, Danish National Environmental Research Institute

Perth – Sydney                                      

Trine Dahl-Jensen, Senior Researcher, GEUS (Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland)

Sydney – Honiara                                    

Katherine Richardson, Professor at Århus University

Honiara – Christchurch                            

Carsten U. Larsen, Director, Danish National Museum

Christchurch – Valparaiso  

Søren Rysgaard, Professor, Greenland Institute of Nature

Valparaiso – Galapagos                            

Bo Thamdrup, Reader, Syddansk University

Galapagos – US Virgin Islands                 

Finn Surlyk, Professor, Copenhagen University

US Virgin Islands – Copenhagen

Bente Lomstein, Reader, Århus University

Further Information: Danish Expedition Foundation Director Morten Meldgaard,

Tel +45 35 32 41 76

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