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The global distribution of Mercury in the Troposphere

Seniorforsker, PhD Henrik Skov, Danmarks Miljøundersøgelser

Mercury is a unique metal as it is the only metal that is liquid at room temperature. Mercury is found in the atmosphere predominantly in gas form, whereas all other heavy metals are found in the atmosphere only associated witk particles. All known forms of mercury are toxic to humans but organis mercury compounds in particular are highly toxic. The aim of the project is to determine the dynamics of mercury in the atmosphere and their dependency on geographical location, type of air mass and presence of possible sources and sinks. Continuous measurements af atmospheric mercury will be carried out together with measurements of CO and O3 that are tracers fore respectively combustion processes and for tropospheric chemistry. Attention will be given to periods where Galathea III is sailing in continental air masses. The data will be interpreted by comparison with CO, O3 and meteorological parameters. The results will also be used in the further development of a 3D global atmospheric chemical/physical transport model and in the same this will strengthen the interpretation of the measured values. Despite the attention from the public to this toxic compound there is still significant knowledge gabs for a full understanding of the source receptor relation of the mercury in the environment. The present study addresses some of the main scientific gabs of the sources and fate of mercury in the atmosphere.

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