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CURRICULUM VITAE                                             

Name: Arne Redsted Rasmussen  Born: 28 April 1959, married, 2 children, citizen of Denmark

Education and employment:

·         High school, Sankt Jørgens Gymnasium 1979

·         Cand. Scient in biology at University of Copenhagen 1988

·         Grant from The Danish Research Academy to prepare Ph.D. study 1989

·         Course in epidemiology at Panum Institute, Copenhagen 1991

·         Ph.D. in Zoology at Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen 1992    

·         Postdoctoral grant from The Danish Research Council in The Australian Museum,

          Sydney 1993

·         FAO-contract, producing a chapter to Western Central Pacific identification guide for

          fishery purposes 1994

·         Teaching at University of Copenhagen in “Form og Funktion” and Zoological

          Morphology 1995

·         Postdoctoral grant from Danida (RUF) 1996-1998 (2 years)

·         Postdoctoral grant from Carlsbergfoundation 1998-2000 (2 years)

·         Employed by The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Conservation 2000- 



·         Scandinavian course in marine biology in North Sea (ship: Håkon Mosby, Bergen)


·         Research and collection trips to Phuket Marine Biological Center, Thailand 1985,

          1987, 1989, 1990, 1993, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001

·         Research and collection trips to Koh Si Chang Marine Biological Station (Gulf of

          Thailand) 1989 and Song Khlar (Gulf of Thailand) 1990

·         Research and collection trip along the Gulf of Thailand and on the west coast of

          peninsular Thailand from Ranong to Satun 1990

·         Research and collection trip to Bahrain (Persian Gulf) 1990

·         Research and collection trip to Bangladesh (Bay of Bengal) 1990

·         Research and collection trip to Great Barrier Reef, Queensland 1993

·         Research trip to Sri Lanka 1995

·         Research trip to India 1996

·         Research and collection trip to Manado and Ujung Pandang (Sulawesi) 1996 and


·         Research and collection trip to Viet Nam, Cambodia and Thailand 2000 and 2001

·         Research and collection trip to Vietnam 2004

·         Research and collection trip to Borneo 2005


Congress and Museum visits:

·         Naturhistorisches Museum Basel, Schweiz, research on type specimens on the '

          genus Hydrophis 1986

·         The Natural History Museum, London, research on type specimens 1986, 1991, 1995

          and 1996

·         1st World Congress of Herpetology in Canterbury, England 1989

·         Congress of herpetology in Budapest 1991

·         Symposium on anti-parasite drugs August Krogh Institute, 1992

·         Australian Museum, Sydney (post-doc), research on elapids 1993

·         2nd World Congress of Herpetology in Adelaide, Australia 1993-1994

·         The Natural History Museum in Colombo, Sri Lanka February 1995

·         The Zoological Institute in Sankt Petersborg, Russia May 1995

·         The Zoological Reference Collection (Raffels Museum) in Singapore May 1996

·         3th world Congress of Herpetology in Prague 1997

·         Conference on Coastal Areas in developing countries, Aarhus 1997

·         Conference on Biodiversity and Development, Eigtveds Pakhus, Copenhagen 1998

·         The Natural History Museum, London, supported by European Union’s Training

          and Mobility of Researchers programme January-February (3 weeks) 1999

·         Muséum National d´Histoire Naturelle, Paris, supported by European Union´s Training

          and Morbility of Researchers programme February (2 Weeks) 2000

·         Meeting of Societas Europaea Herpetologica (SHE), Zalec, Slovenia July 2001

·         The Natural Museum of Thailand, Bangkok 2001

·         Humbolt-Universität zu Berlin Museum Für Naturkunde (1 week) 2002

·         Leiden Natural History Museum, University of Leiden 2003

·         The Natural History Museum, London 2004

·         The Thulalongkorn University, Bangkok 2004

·         The Reed Cross Snake farm in Bangkok, 2004

.        Meeting of Societas Europaea Herpetologica (SHE) Bonn, Germany 2005


Invited speaker to:

·         Herpetological Society of Sydney, Australia; May 1993

·         Herpetological Society of Umeaa, Sweden; May 1994

·         Symposium: Venomous Snakes: Ecology, evolution and snakebite, at the Zoological

          Society of London, London Zoo; 27 & 28 April 1995

·         Symposium: “Herpetologi”, at the “Hemvärnsgården och Ekologihuset”, Lund

          Sweden; September 1995, 1997

·         Biodiversity in Asia: Challenges and opportunities for the scientific community,

          Thailand 1996

.          Invited Concept Paper to conference on Biodiversity and Development, Eigtveds

           Pakhus, Copenhagen 1998

·         Danmarks Naturfrednings Forening Borup, Hillerød and Viby Sjælland 1997-1999

·         Risø, Denmark 1999

·         The Natural History Museum, London, 1999

·         Introduction to biology for coming students at Copenhagen University, 1999, 2000

·         Secondary adaptation to life in water, Geological Museum, University of

          Copenhagen, 1999

·         Bellacenter-Danish Medical week , Snake bite 2001

·         The Danida sea snake project , P.M.B.C. Thailand , 2001

·         Roskilde University Center 2002

·         Tropical Medicin  2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004

·         Lund University  Herpetological meeting 2005



Research involvements:

·         DANIDA (RUF) - project, producing a monograph on sea snakes in cooperation with

          scientists from Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and England

·         Cooperation with Dr. Colin McCarthy (UK) on the Hydrophis nigrocinctus-complex

·         Cooperation with Dr. M.D. Jesper Norup Nielsen (DK) on snake bites

·         Cooperation with Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Böhme and Mark A. Auliya on a new

          freshwater sea snake species

·         Cooperation with Dr. Ivan Ineich on problematic sea snake species from New


·         Serum production using Enhydrina schistose  with scientists from Asia 2001-

·         Using DNA from old collection with Peter Gravlund

·         Decalcification  in Natural History collections with K.M. Grekersen  and J Bredal-




Other involvement:

·         External supervisor for Endang Triwahyuni (Master stud.) Hasanuddin University,


·         External supervisor for Somchai Bussarawit (Ph.D. stud.) Phuket Marine Biological

          Centre, Thailand

·         Invited to nominate candidates for the 1997-2000 Kyoto Prizes (Fifty million yen)

·         Chairman of “the Sea Snake Working Group” a cross-disciplinary group working with

          sea snakes

·         Arranged in co-operation with Mogens Andersen a sea snake exhibition at the


          Museum, University of Copenhagen

·         Writing for “Den store Danske Encyklopædi”

·         Censor for Ph.D Michal Guinea at  Darwin University Australia


Teaching experience:

·         Teaching at Sankt Jørgens High School in connection with excursions in Biology


·         Teaching in Form & Function and Zoological Morphology at The University

          of Copenhagen  (1988-1997)

·         Lectures on biodiversity and phylogeny at Song Khlar University and Phuket Marine

          Biological Centre, Thailand

·         Lectures on sea snake, a cross-disciplinary approach at Hassanudin University,

          Ujung Pandang and Sam Ratulangi University, Manado, Sulawesi

·         Lecture on bites for Danish medical doctors 2000-2006

·         Lecture on herpetology at Odense University April 2000,2001

·         Invited teacher in cladistic methods at Phuket Marine Biological Centre, Thailand, year

          2000 (financed by DANIDA)

·         Teacher at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Conservation 

          from 1999-



Initiator and chairman of following three meetings:

·         Biodiversity: Artsbegrebet i teori og praksis. [The species concept in theory and

          practice]  Symposium at the Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen 22-23

          November 1991 (220 participants)

·         Biology of aquatic elapids. Workshop with participants from Cambodia, Denmark,

           India, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand January 1998

·         Serum production in sea snakes. Workshop in Vietnam (Ngh Trang) with participants

          from Asia, 2004

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